Monthly Archives: February 2016

Check out RNGR’s very useful forum

Here is an Announcement from our friends at RNGR:

Announcing – online forum to collaborate, discuss, and network with colleagues in the nursery, reforestation, and restoration community! This forum provides a place to post discussion topics and job announcements pertaining to plant production, outplanting strategies, and new technology.

Please follow the link above and click on “How to Use this Forum” for information on participating in the forum. Once registered, you can also access the forum on your smartphone using the “TapaTalk” app.

Also, be sure to “like” the RNGR Facebook page: for regular announcements of new nursery/reforestation/restoration events, publications, and other topics of interest.

Thank you,

Daniel J Drummond

IT Specialist & Mobile Applications Director

Southern Regional Extension Forestry